Warren Hamm in DNJail!


Warren Hamm from Rossland, British Columbia is a domainer that gives all domainers a bad name.

This guy is simply a jackass.  We have locked him up in DNJail with no chance at parole. DNJail staff read this clown’s unprofessional emails to another domainer regarding the sale of one of Hamms’s domain names, RED.ca. (Picture: Warren Hamm at his liquor store in Rossland, BC)

Without Prejudice

Warren Hamm sold RED.ca – then gets it back! Here are some of the details: The sale closed with the buyer paying an escrow company the  four figure amount and the domain name being put into the buyer’s name. But wait… Hamm pushed for the buyer and escrow company to release him the funds right away, all while Hamm had already contacted Cira to void the transfer and state that the domain was transferred in error. The buyer had the RED.ca domain name in his register’s account for less than a day before it was transferred back to Hamm’s account. Thank god, the escrow company did not release the funds to Warren Hamm who it appears was trying to get both the money and domain.

DNJail Comments: “From what we read, we verily believe Warren Hamm was trying to scam the buyer (rip him off). We contacted various parties and came to the conclusion that Warren Hamm is a dishonest person. It was not surprising to hear that others in the Rossland, BC community where he lives also had some negative things to say about this scumbag”.

To: Warren Hamm, you should pay back the buyer’s $265 escrow fees. If any portion of this article is not factual we would be happy to remove and retract any false information. Removal Policy. If you would like to get this article removed for any other reason, you can’t. This is your new home – get use to it. Visitation hours are 24/7 for anyone who would like to visit your page on DNJail.

If you know Warren Hamm, ask him to update his linked-in page as he no longer works for Trans North Helicopter.


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