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 Toby Clements, the high rolling domain broker that once put out a popular domain newsletter has apparently closed shop, packed his Range Rover, sold his house and moved on. Perhaps starting his new life in another State or Country. {Picture above: Toby Clements with wife Stephanie}

Without Prejudice

Several reports from domainers had surfaced accusing Toby Clements of selling their domains, but keeping the sale proceeds. It has been alleged and we verily believe that Toby Clements owes thousands. His credibility in the domain industry forever shattered, his integrity and character very much so questioned. No return phone calls, no return emails, just unanswered questions on why he did what he did.

david clementsDavid Clements

After many months of silence Toby Clement’s brother David Clements (see picture) announced that he took over his brother’s once popular news letter and that he was looking for domains to broker.  {GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!} But would not offer any information about his brother.

DNJail Comment: “If you are stupid enough to do business with this guy & his newsletter, than you deserve to be ripped off”.

Enough already about David Clements. He doesn’t stand a chance in resuscitating a newsletter that’s been declared industry dead. Toby Clements is the one that needs to face justice. One legal mind stated that this could very well be a case of Theft by Conversion. But then again the court of public opinion seems to be just as good! {below -video of Toby Clements} has much more information on Toby Clements and may post a follow up article with new interesting information about where he is and what he has been doing. DNJail has suspended the comments section for this post so that users cannot post hatred towards Toby Clements.

toby-clements-domain-brokerTo: Toby Clements, If any portion of this article is not factual we would be happy to remove and retract any false information. If you would like to get this article removed for any other reason, you can’t. This is your new home – get use to it. Visitation hours are 24/7 for anyone who would like to visit your page. Removal Policy.

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