Nissan Cars in DNJAIL!


We will not be buying another Nissan car, will you?

Nissan Motor Company sues to obtain the domain name from an average guy that happens to have the last name Nissan and loses. But, are they done litigating Mr. Uzi Nissan? Read full story of events here Nissan vs Nissan.

Without Prejudice

Is Nissan Motor Company a bully? We verily believe that the Nissan Motor Company should have made an offer to buy the domain name. It would have been cheaper and they would have had it years ago. Now a pissed off Mr. Nissan probably doesn’t want to sell it. Good for him! He was the first to register this domain name in 1994 and is the rightful owner. – Nissan Motor Company, can go pound salt!. Read a great blog article about this – click.

DNJail Comment: “Cases like this where a big corporate company goes after a small guy for a domain name, makes him spend thousands defending himself, in our view paints the Nissan Motor Company as a bully”.

Nissan may have a trademark, but they lost! Mr. Nissan sells computers, not Japanese cars. Give it up! Leave Mr. Nissan alone or give him 100 million for it and say Sorry! If you feel the same way, here is a petition to stop buying Nissan cars until Nissan Motor Company halts all litigation against Mr. Uzi Nissan.

To: Nissan Motor Company, If any portion of this article is not factual we would be happy to remove and retract any false information. If you would like to get this article removed for any other reason, you can’t. This is your new home – get use to it. Visitation hours are 24/7 for anyone who would like to visit your page on DNJail. Removal Policy.


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