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DNJail would like to see the receiving registry reverse and give back (picture: Gregg McNair – Chairman and part owner

Gregg McNair is not a bad domainer. In fact he is a good domainer, but Gregg could step in and help Michael Lee get his stolen domain back. Read the full story here. The showing Alexey Kremnev as the new owner is not correct.  Most likely is a factious name that ICANN and could and should request proof of name to determine this is a real person. was also reported stolen by Domain Gang.

Without Prejudice

DNJail Comments: “We verily believe that ICANN and the registry could both resolve this matter quickly by just confirming that there is no such person named Alexey Kremnev that owns the domain name Furthermore, if the rightful owner Michael Lee can prove that he did not agree to any sale and that no funds were ever paid, than ICANN should step in and correct the situation”.

It appears ICANN does not have the resources to control domain theft / domain hijacking or to properly monitor registries like Go Daddy and The domain name now rests at the registry This is where the scumbag hacker moved the domain. Founded by  Marco Rinaudo, is now partly owned by known domainer Gregg McNair who is now the Chairman of the company. 

ICANN: Do something! Not only help Mr. Lee but crack down on domain theft. Put in place safe-guards! or whatever you call yourself, reverse back to its rightful owner! It is the right thing to do!

If any portion of this article is not factual we would be happy to remove and retract any false information. Removal Policy.

Update: January 2015 

Since our DNJail article on – has been returned to its rightful owner. 


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