Canyon Bicycles in DNJail!


Canyon Bicycles GmbH of Koblenz, Germany filed a UDRP against Rob van Eck of Boxtel, the Netherlands for the domain name: and won! Finds itself in DNJail.

Without Prejudice

As reported by The Domains This case took place in mid March of this year and was the first UDRP decision regarding a new gTLD domain name. Regardless of the specifics in this case, the respondent Rob van Eck was first to register the domain name when the .bike extension became available for public registration.

It is important to note that Canyon Bicycles GmbH does not own the domain name {which is their company’s name} and has never filed a UDRP for that domain name.

We verily believe the UDRP process is a sham and should be scrapped! If Canyon Bicycles GmbH wanted the domain name that bad, they should have registered it during the sunrise period for new gTLDs. They had 30 plus days to do this!

What are Trademark Claims and Sunrise Services?

Sunrise services allow trademark holders an advance opportunity to register domain names corresponding to their marks before names are generally available to the public. New gTLD registries are required to offer a Sunrise period of at least 30 days.

General Motors and 50 others own trademarks for the word “Canyon”

Should General Motors who also has a trademark on the word Canyon file a UDRP for Here is the new 2015 GMC Canyon truck.

DNJail Comments: Our position is that if a individual or company wants a domain name that they do not currently own, they should Buy & Pay for it. Trademark claims on a domain name should not be the winning reason for hijacking a domain name. We view all UDRP decisions to transfer a domain name from its rightful owner to another person or company as a theft.

To: Canyon Bicycles, If any portion of this article is not factual we would be happy to remove and retract any false information. Removal Policy. If you would like to get this article removed for any other reason, you can’t. This is your new home – get use to it. Visitation hours are 24/7 for anyone who would like to visit your page on DNJail.

BTW: The Canyon Bicycles logo sucks! Anyone know if their bikes are any good? Guards@DNJail.comcanyon



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