Adam Dicker in DNJail!


Domainer of the Year ADAM DICKER rips off many…..

DNForum owner and self claimed Domain Expert Adam Dicker turns bad and rips off many in website building scam that gives Domain Industry a black eye. 

Without Prejudice

DNJail Comments: “There is not much more we can say about Adam Dicker than what has already been said about this self claimed Domain Industry Expert”. All you have to do is Google his name and read and read and read. He lands himself in DNJail beside cellmate Toby Clements. Both rip off artists that will never be trusted again in this industry! Should we throw away the key?

Content: Why give Domain Hall of Famer (LOL) Adam Dicker more of my time and write here on when you can just read it here: Adam Dicker Domain Consulting Group Inc Steals $5600.00 for claimed web services that were never completed Richmond Hill Ontario


Unpublished Mug Shot

To: Adam Dicker, If any portion of this article is not factual we would be happy to remove and retract any false information. Removal Policy. If you would like to get this article removed for any other reason, you can’t. This is your new home – get use to it. Visitation hours are 24/7 for anyone who would like to visit your page on DNJail.

More Complaints about Adam (the dick) Dicker

Adam Dicker DOB: Sept 13, 1965

Adam Dickers House: Worth 2.2 Million


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