UPDATE: Adam Dicker Sells House


1 See inside Pictures (look at his office pic really close. The wall print, window, computer, desk etc). Now watch this video of Dicker in same office.

Sold for: $2.279 Million / Oct 2016

How does millionaire Domainer Adam Dicker who pocketted 2.279 Million get away with ripping people off? Heck, his wife Wendy Dicker makes over $85K yearly as a school teacher. So why can they not pay back the money they owe?  Wendy Dicker on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wendy.dicker. AND…… where does Adam Dicker live now? Stay tuned, we will be posting that information soon :)

Adam Dicker who owns rams.com has not updated with the registry proper contact information. As you can see https://who.is/whois/rams.com he still uses the UPS box address in Richmond Hill, Ontario and the phone number 416-884-0535. The phone number is no longer working and the UPS box was closed 2 months ago. If Dicker does not update the registry info, he may lose rams.com. So where is Dicker? what UPS store is he with now and how can someone sue and serve him? Stay Tuned…. Adam Dicker Uncovered


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